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Samford University – Homewood, Alabama

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“Few people outside of the South have heard much about Samford, which is a shame because it is a gorgeous, happy, productive small university in a city setting.  It isn’t easy to portray the tenor of a place; statistics don’t give the real character of a university.  Although I have no statistical basis for making the argument, I think Samford may be one of the two or three healthiest and happiest universities in the country…”

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Samford University’s McWhorter School of Pharmacy will hold a continuing education program for pharmacists, “Psychological First Aid,” Tuesday, Sept. 13, 5:30-8 p.m., at Senior Care Pharmacy in Tuscaloosa.

The program is designed to teach pharmacists and technicians the skills necessary to care for patients who have experienced a traumatic or disastrous event.  Presenter is Mark Westfall, M.D., a psychiatrist in private practice in Birmingham.

“Healthcare workers in disaster areas see the effects of such events long after the event has passed,” said McWhorter continuing education director Dr. Susan P. Alverson, adding that the upcoming program is an  effort to aid Tuscaloosa pharmacists who continue to support patients.

Pharmacists will learn the biology behind fear response and psychological trauma, clinical strategies to reduce the impact of psychological trauma, and current pharmacological approaches to treating psychological trauma.

Technicians will learn how the body’s natural response to trauma can lead to emotional symptoms, basic strategies for reducing the impact of psychological trauma, and to identify useful medications for trauma.

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