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Ripon College – Ripon, Wisconsin


Ripon College belongs to the cohort of excellent and ambitious small liberal arts colleges that sprang up in the Midwest in the eighteenth century.  Like its peers, Ripon has graduated doctors, lawyers, scholars, corporate chiefs, and educators galore.  In its current iteration, Ripon is noted for thoughtful mentoring of individual students, an array of uncommon major programs exceptional in a college of this size, remarkable achievement in forensics, and a rich extracurricular life.

The student body is small, talented, ambitious, active, and kind.  The enrollment at Ripon is just under a thousand students, allowing a degree of intimacy and mentorship not found at most colleges.  The universal acclaim with which the teaching faculty is described is due, in part, to the exceptional interest they show in the progress of each student.  Ripon is a small community, and the commonly shared cultural and recreational activities put faculty in close contact with students at concerts, lectures, carnivals, and athletic events.

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