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Agnes Scott College – Decatur, Georgia

Agnes Scott is one of the most distinguished colleges in the South, rich in tradition, ambitious, generous, lively, and exciting. Once one of the “Seven Sisters of the South”, the elite group of the most admired colleges for women in the South, Agnes Scott has happily moved into the Twenty-First Century, taking its place among the best colleges in the region while remaining a staunch advocate of education for women.

Imagine a college so impressive that it has been the site of more than thirty films, running the gamut from Driving Miss Daisy and The Blind Side to Scream 2. The campus looks totally like “college” with manicured gardens, sweeping lawns, gothic buildings, and elegant interiors. Agnes Scott is a picture book college located in the picture book town of Decatur, a charming village lined with coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, and boutiques. The, put these two impressive settings in the suburb of Atlanta, a city of more than five million people and thirty colleges and universities. This no convent!

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