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Month: September 2014

Colleges Dirty Little Secret – Tuition Discount Marketing

Let’s just get real about the college tuition scene: It’s bad and about to get worse.  Five intersecting parabola are about to make financial planning for college even tricker.  Coming soon to a demographic near you – 1.A significant drop in the number of college aged applicants. 2.  Think of your own utility bills.  Anything decreasing? – Fixed expenses at colleges…

Why Would A College Accept Application by Video? Future of College Admissions?

In a very interesting marketing/opening-up-access move, GOUCHER COLLEGE (currently profiled in America’s Best Kept College Secrets) has offered potential applicants an opportunity to simplify and personalize the application process.  A recent story on APM’s Marketplace quoted Goucher’s president, Jose Antonio Bowen: “There are tens of thousands of high school seniors each year that do not apply to any selective liberal…