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Best Kept Secret Rivalries

Army / Navy Alabama / Auburn Michigan /  Ohio State Duke / UNC OK, we could add a dozen more famous rivalries, rivalries that make players rise to unexpected levels of heroism, that warm the hearts of graduates and bring out the battle of the mascots.  Amherst vs Williams, Stanford vs Cal, Texas vs Oklahoma, Yale vs Harvard. Notre Dame vs Michigan State. But… what about our Best Kept Secrets?  What rivalries emerge annually and go unnoticed by those not in the know?  Here are  some of the most well established and ferocious: Depauw vs Wabash, Hampden-Sydney vs Randolph-Macon (battle of the hyphenated?), Lewis and Clark vs Willamette,  Augsburg vs Hamline, Case-Western vs Wooster, Central Florida vs South Florida, Lawrence vs Ripon, Wofford vs Furman, Hobart vs Rochester, Johns Hopkins vs McDaniel, Coe vs Cornell (IA), The point is that school spirit thrives at a number of wonderful schools.  You’ll find yourself screaming, “Go Catamounts!” (Vermont),  “Let’s hear it for the Hokies!” (Virginia Polytechnic Institute – aka Virginia Tech), “Tear them to pieces, Poets” (Whittier)

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