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Month: May 2014

Do you really want to know ? Admissions outcome at the most selective colleges and universities

Seriously!  One would think a nation in some economic difficulty would see the number of applicants to institutions costing more than $50,000.00 per year start to decline – – – but, for the most part, NO! There are some interesting observations to be made about the most recent season: 1.  The number of institutions admitting fewer than 20% of applicants…

How do I know if I can get into the college of anybody’s choice…?

This is the season in which countless juniors begin to “get real” about college planning.  Their parents have begun the “conversation”, and by “conversation” I mean the relentless, anxiety-fueled hinting, prodding, and poking that will remain the mode of discourse until next May when decisions are FINALLY made.  College counselors are sagely recommending courses for the senior year, the appropriate…