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Wittenberg University – Springfield, Ohio


Ohio may have more college gems per square mile than any other state; Wittenberg University is certainly among them.  Springfield is a city of about a hundred thousand west of Columbus and north of Dayton.  To be ruthlessly honest, the greatest of Springfield’s assets is probably the handsome campus of Wittenberg University.  The university was founded by the English Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Ohio and remains affiliated with the Lutheran Church, although the current student population is certainly less Lutheran than the founding fathers might have hoped and even more certainly less evangelical.

There are three important elements to keep in mind in considering Wittenberg.  The first is that it is a very small university, enrolling fewer than two thousand students.  The second is that the campus is lovely.  The third is that Wittenberg has long had a reputation for treating its students well.  Its professors are revered and highly accessible.  Students rave about their course work and have the highest regard for those who teach here. It comes as no surprise to learn that Wittenberg’s teachers have won more Fulbright Awards than any other college in Ohio.

1 comment for “Wittenberg University – Springfield, Ohio

  1. Jacob
    May 11, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    This is a great school that often gets overlooked. My brother and I both attended Witt and I still am happy I went there. The teachers teach and you actually get an education.

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