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Willamette University – Salem, Oregon

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Willamette is the oldest university in the Western United States, and Salem is the capital of Oregon and a thriving small city of about one hundred and thirty thousand less than an hour’s drive south of Portland.  Both its history and its location serve to make Willamette a surpassingly interesting small university in the region.

Willamette is primarily an undergraduate college of liberal arts, enrolling roughly eighteen hundred students on a sixty-five acre campus literally across the street from the state capital.  The university also operates a School of Law, a School of Education, and a School of Management, all of which enroll another eight hundred graduate students.

A visitor to Willamette will be struck by the pleasant design of the campus, the more effective for its tidy efficiency and handsome architecture.  Unlike some colleges that have grown up in city settings, Willamette feels very much its own space; the campus offers well manicured lawns, shady paths, quiet vistas overlooking a winding stream in a plan that makes eminent good sense….

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