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University of San Francisco – San Francisco, California

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“It is to the university’s credit that an institution of this size is often referred to by undergraduates as a “small school.”  Graduates and current students rave about close relationships with professors, and many report that they have enjoyed classes of no more than ten or twelve students.  There is a good sense of community and a real bond between students and the university, all the more impressive in that San Francisco is a notable distraction to anyone of college age.”

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6/24/2011 –

In case the idea of studying in San Francisco ( and in a nifty part of the city), isn’t enough to attract anyone considering a career in education, The University of San Francisco has recently decided to continue its 40 year sponsorship of the Upward Bound Program after extensive support of the program from the School of Education.  The legacy of service to the community is one of the most obvious attributes of the university.

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    The University of San Francisco is an authentically student-focused institution. It is a school that really lives it’s mission.

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