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University of San Diego – San Diego, California


Some things you should know about USD before reading any farther:

1.  You want to be in San Diego.  No, I mean, you REALLY want to be in San Diego.  Most people from outside the region hear a lot about California’s beaches, Yosemite, orange groves, the fog in San Francisco, and, while there are may great places to visit, for long-term comfort and peace of mind, you want to be in San Diego.  Tired of frigid January?  Average high for San Diego, a comfy 65 degrees.  Growing weary of pulse-stopping heat in July?  Average high for San Diego, ocean breezes and 75 degrees.

2.  San Diego is a very pleasant city.  One of the most pleasant areas is Mission Bay – think Sea World.  The University of San Diego sits on a plateau overlooking Mission Bay, literally ten minutes from one of the great beaches in the universe.

3.   Most colleges have to make do with the remnants of buildings thrown up in the nineteenth century.  USD was built virtually all in one piece in the nineteen fifties (except for the athletic facilities and adjoining residences), looks uniformly fabulous in a cohesive style I call “Old California Mission” and San Diegans call “Spanish Renaissance”, and kept the style intact when it expanded after receiving a very generous bequest from the estate of McDonald’s Joan B. Kroc (School of Peace Studies).  The next large gift was also relatively “foodie” arriving from weight-loss tycoon, Jennie Craig (Jennie Craig Pavilion).

4.  San Diego is a great city, lots of fun, and easy to negotiate.  Two other universities add to the mix of college-aged students (San Diego State University and the University of California San Diego) creating a lively social scene.

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