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University of North Carolina at Asheville – Asheville, North Carolina


The more commonly recognized campus of the University of North Carolina is in Chapel Hill, while the increasingly popular UNC Wilmington continues to attract large numbers of applicants.  UNC Asheville is distinctive for several reasons – an incredible location, one of the lowest price tags of any college in this book, access to the wilderness, and an NCAA basketball team that almost took Syracuse out of the national championship hunt – but the primary distinction is that the State of North Carolina established UNC Asheville as the state’s liberal arts college.  It is one of seventeen colleges in a state college system designated as a liberal arts college.  The prominence of UNC Asheville within that peer cohort is made clear in the decision to place the headquarters of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges on the Asheville campus.  Noteworthy among the members are Evergreen State University in Washington, Sonoma State University in California, Saint Mary’s College in Maryland, and the University of Montevallo in Alabama – each profiled in this edition.

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