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University of New Hampshire – Durham, New Hampshire

From America’s Best Kept College Secrets

“What makes UNH distinctive are five notable attributes:  Location; Size; Student Body; Academic profile; and Athletics.

Durham is not the college town that time forgot, but it does feel very much like the traditional movie-set college setting.  All the usual amenities and big box stores are within easy reach, and two good airports bring students from outside New England.  It is, dare I say it, a happy town.  And, it is a town that revolves around the university.  I can’t think of an outdoor activity not immediately available; both beaches and good skiing are within a hour’s drive.  I’m not going to make a huge deal out of this, but UNH is safe.  I’m not saying that other universities are not, but the size and location of the university, and the quality of the undergraduate population, combine to make UNH one of the very few places where co-eds don’t have to maintain constant vigil when crossing the campus.  Students feel secure, and security is a good feeling…”

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