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University of Missouri – Columbia, Missouri


We’ll be looking in depth at Missouri’s incredible programs in Journalism and the Performing Arts, but the one quality of the collegiate experience that we have not spent much time in exploring is fun, and the University of Missouri is fun.

I don’t mean to suggest that Missou is not an academic institution of national reputation or anything less than effective; it is a very good, highly regarded, and ambitious university – and it is fun to be a student at Missou.

What sets the experience at the University of Missouri apart from other state universities?

An incredibly beautiful and thoughtfully designed campus, for a start.

A healthy (and I mean HUGE) Greek system balanced with hipsters, hippies, apple-cheeked farm kids, serious science nerds, enterprising proto-entrepreneurs, literary types, slam poets, superb musicians and actors, and world-class athletes

An athletic program that attracts support across every sub-group, creating uncommonly high morale throughout the year and enormous pride in Tiger teams.

Once again, I wish I could plunk every reader down right in the middle of this campus in order to begin to communicate the stunning quality of this university’s setting.  Columbia is a small city of about one hundred thousand, equidistant from Kansas City and Saint Louis.  It is one of the cities most frequently mentioned as among the best cities in which to live.  In addition to the activities available on campus, the city of Columbia has a thriving cultural and entertainment life easily accessed by students and visitors.

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  1. Sarah Langford
    May 22, 2014 at 5:58 pm

    I went to Mizzou and every time I go back it seems to be getting better and better. The town is awesome and I’d move there in a heartbeat because of the culture, great food and of course, the Tigers. It’s a great place. No regrets here.

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