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The University of Arkansas – Fayetteville, Arkansas

Fair Warning! This is a RAVE review, a totally over-the-top genuinely enthusiastic description of what I think may be one of the most remarkable collegiate opportunities in the nation.

On any home game Saturday in the fall, every sports fan’s favorite crowd cry rises in one voice from the ardent fans of the University of Arkansas –  SOOOOOOEYYY, HOGS! The mascot is actually not a hog, but Tusk, the  Razorback, a four hundred and seventy-five pound Russian boar.  Wild boars once roamed the northwest hill country of Arkansas, and the tribute to the beast not only animates the rabid Razorback fans but pays tribute to the extraordinary setting in which the university of twenty five thousand undergraduates attend an excellent university.  It is no accident that Arkansas is regularly mentioned as one of the best colleges in the US for those who love the outdoors.

The University of Arkansas has six campuses within the state, but it is the flagship campus at Fayetteville that has captured the attention and admiration of those keeping track of major universities. In an attempt to remain mildly objective, permit me to highlight a baker’s dozen of observations about Arkansas that might be of interest to the college-bound student:

The complete description can be found in ABKCS!

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