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Stetson University – Deland, Florida


The two most commonly reported observations about Stetson, in fact, are that the faculty is amazingly accessible and supportive and that the student body is inclusive, friendly, and uncommonly happy.  One obvious indicator of the university’s sincerity in promoting the success of its students is in the staffing of the Academic Success Center.  The Center provides tutoring and disabilities resources as many such offices might, but beyond that actually offers mentoring in areas such as Success Coaching and Academic Improvement – one-on-one mentorship designed to bring enhanced academic performance in a student’s field of study.

The range of majors is impressive, including some that are rarely offered at universities of this size.  For example, a Stetson student can elect to major in Africana Studies, Business Law, Music Combined with Business, or Sports Management, as well as in more commonly found majors in the humanities, arts, and sciences.  Faculty are highly regarded in all fields, but in the College of Arts and Sciences, Psychology and Biology are particularly popular.  The School of Business Administration and the School of Music enjoy national celebrity and considerable prestige.

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