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St. John’s University – Collegeville, Minnesota

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“St. John’s is a college for men and is attached at the hip to Saint Benedict’s College for Women.  Both offer exceptionally solid instruction and well regarded preparation for graduate and professional programs.  What sets St. John’s apart is a healthy tradition of athletic achievement and the active involvement of most of the student body in a sport of some kind.  Between interscholastic and intramural teams, 97% of “Johnnies” are sweating every day.  The football team is a perennial finalist in Division III championship play, and the coach, John Gagllardi, in his coaching career of more than sixty years has won the most victories of any coach in the NCAA.  The excitement surrounding St. John’s teams is part of the high level of spirit and morale on this campus…”

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1 comment for “St. John’s University – Collegeville, Minnesota

  1. August 7, 2011 at 1:06 am

    If your children are Catholic and you want them to stay that way, don’t send them here. If your children aren’t Catholic, don’t expect this place to make them that way.

    At the very least, false advertising is an issue, so if you don’t care about Catholicism or whether or not your children are Catholic when they get out, if you care about integrity, you might as well send them to Stillwater State Pen for an education.

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