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Saint Michael’s College – Winooski Park/Colchester, Vermont

From America’s Best Kept College Secrets –

“Vermont is really about mountains and lakes, and St. Michael’s offers a rare opportunity to the 2000 undergraduate students who find their way to Winooskie.  Founded by a relatively low-key order, The Society of Saint Edmund, Saint Michael’s is the first college in the United States to offer a complete all-access pass to a major ski area, -Smuggler’s Notch -as part of the tuition package.  To be fair in presenting the college, the order of Saint Edmund is dedicated to education, justice, and service to the poor.  There is an active program of community service at Saint Michael’s; more than 70% of the student body are involved in MOVE – Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts.

The Wilderness Program is huge at Saint Michael’s and most students will be involved in at least one of the activities offered throughout the year.  Rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, might be expected in the Green Mountains, but Lake Champlain is close at hand and sea kayaking is both a popular and extremely well developed program.  Students also have the opportunity to become certified in wilderness medicine, and many do…”

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