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Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology – Terre Haute, Indiana

From America’s Best Kept College Secrets

“Rose-Hulman declares itself, “the nation’s top undergraduate engineering, science, and mathematics college.”

That sets a pretty high standard, and yet from all accounts, it is entirely defensible.

Rose-Hulman is an anomaly; the acceptance rate is above seventy percent in most admissions seasons, and yet the quality of programs and native ability of its students is clearly superior.  Enrolled students are uniformly excited by the education they receive, and loyal graduates cannot speak too highly of their experience at Rose-Hulman.”

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Major kudos to this excellent school!  Rose-Hulman has been added by the General Electric Corporate Recruiting and Staffing Service to the select list of GE Executive Schools.  Stanford and Berkeley were also added this year.  Pretty good company.  In addition, the R-H car entered in the Supermileage competition averaged 1070 m.p.g.  That’s ONE THOUSAND AND SEVENTY MILES PER GALLON!

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