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Randolph College – Lynchburg, Virgina


Like many colleges that were single sex (female) until fairly recently, Randolph’s campus feels a bit more carefully tended to, its interiors a bit more thoughtfully decorated, than its more careless peers.  Randolph starting enrolling men in 2006, and is now almost forty percent male.  The success with which the college has attracted an ambitious student body of both sexes is due in large part to the extraordinary reputation the college enjoyed in its many years as Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, established in Lynchburg in 1893, at a time in which the education of women was seen as “dangerous”.  The college was highly regarded nationally and seen as one of the prominent institutions of its type; its chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was the first granted to a women’s college in the South.  Throughout the twentieth century, the college was known for four abiding strengths:  The academic rigor of its program and the excellence of its teaching faculty; remarkable loyalty to the college, inspired in part by well established traditions; an honor code that animated every aspect of college life; an equestrian program equal to the best in the country.

All indications are that nothing has changed.

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