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Paul Smith’s College – Paul Smith’s, New York


Not only is the college located within one of the most striking and pristine of forested parks, not only is it literally on the waterfront of a crystal clear lake, not only is it less than twenty miles from Lake Placid, site of two Winter Olympic Games… it is also as close as a college can get to the experience of living in one of the great examples of arts and crafts stone and wood architecture.

The Adirondacks are strikingly beautiful and have attracted people who love the outdoors for generations.  About half of the land within the park is privately owned, and there are more than thirty golf courses within the park.  So, although the natural landscape has been well protected, this is also a vacation destination.  The elaborate lodges (mansions made of logs) built at the end of the nineteenth century are known as the Great Camps and are among the most striking examples of the arts and crafts movement in American architecture.  An early and very popular destination at the edge of Lake Saranac was Paul Smith’s Hotel.  Teddy Roosevelt and P.T. Barnum were among the many celebrated guests, and the popularity of the hotel was such that after the death of Paul Smith, the town took on his name.

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