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Pacific Lutheran University – Parkland, Washington

From the PLU website:

Summer is always a great time to play the PLU University Golf Course.  And this summer may be the best time of all – because it will also be the last. Around October 31, 2011, the golf course will close to make way for new multipurpose recreation and athletic fields on lower campus.  The redeveloped area will serve the physical education, athletic, recreational and wellness needs of the campus. They will be available for practice and competition in soccer, football, and lacrosse. They will also serve club sports, intramurals, academic activity courses and outdoor recreation, including use by the Parkland community. But until then? Time to hit the links!

From America’s Best Kept College Secrets –

“The most recent and highly visible representation of the outstanding music program at PLU was the appearance of the Plutonics on America’s Got Talent.  The a cappella group was chosen from thousands who auditioned and appeared before twelve million people last summer.   Talented as the Plutonics are, they are but a small part of a tradition of vocal and orchestral music at Pacific Lutheran that emerged with the university’s founding in 1880.

The life of the Lute may seem distant from the rough and tumble beer soaked world of many college students, and so, the question might be asked:  Is Pacific Lutheran a good match for someone not Scandinavian, not musical, not Lutheran?

About twenty percent of enrolled students are Lutheran; more than twice as many belong to other denominations, and almost thirty percent have no religious affiliation at all.  More than thirty percent are people of color.  The experience of living and working in this handsome, happy university (with a golf course!) seems to work for all sorts of students from all sorts of backgrounds.  The only caution I have heard from students at PLU is one that applies to the entire region – the weather can be an unexpected challenge for those from less watery climates…”

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1 comment for “Pacific Lutheran University – Parkland, Washington

  1. Cyrus Khemalaap
    March 12, 2012 at 8:00 am

    PLU ’95. The “Lutedome” has a very polite and outgoing residential campus community. Evidence of communication ability and leadership qualities are factors in the admissions process to promote an environment for open inquiry and cohesion among students from all backgrounds.

    There is a decidedly secular ‘state school’ as well as student-athlete element in the school’s brand image and climate that dwarf the ‘bible college’ impression by its given name. That fact stands as an ongoing paradox to this school’s identity and Lutheran heritage which explains why some things may appear to be a best-kept secret.

    There is the occasional discussion to rename the university to reflect the nationwide representation in its applicant pool and student competitons, but it won’t happen. Up to half of students participate in intramural or NCAA-III varsity sports. Students who have been admitted to large public universities often opt to enroll at PLU as a top-choice for its academic rigor, athletic programs and alumni base in business, politics, education and health sciences.

    It is also very easy to double-major at this school. In fact, it appears encouraged when you sit and read the curriculum and class schedules. A lot of students think, “Wow, with my Study Abroad thing in Europe, my internship in Seattle, plus January Term, I think I can squeeze in two majors!” I had an absolute blast at PLU. No regrets.

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