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Ohio Wesleyan University – Delaware, Ohio

From America’s Best Kept College Secrets-

“Ohio Wesleyan University (also known as OWU – pronounced:  “Oh – Woo”) in Delaware, Ohio is noted for the percentage of international students enrolled each year; Wesleyan is among the most generous in aiding applicants from outside the United States and enrolls a large number of international students – among the top ten most international of colleges by percentage of enrollment.  This small university, located in what has become a suburban neighborhood of Columbus, is impressive in the range of majors and programs offered (more than 90) and in its determination to combine service for learning with active recruitment of a diverse student body. OWU is also unusual in its sponsorship of students with financial need and its identification as a “gay-friendly” college, meeting the six criteria developed by the Campus-Pride organization. It will come as no surprise that Ohio Wesleyan joins the select number of colleges identified as Colleges That Change Lives…”

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