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Northern Arizona University – Flagstaff, Arizona


The university is located in Flagstaff, Arizona, one of the most attractive settings possible in which a small university might have been founded.  The NAU campus is handsome, a mix of classic collegiate red brick and modern architecture, only moments from pizza, bars, and Target, but surrounded by the largest ponderosa pine forest in the contiguous United States.  The university is at close to seven thousand feet in elevation, and the highest point in Arizona (a little over twelve thousand feet) is just to the north of Flagstaff in the Kachina Peaks Wilderness.  Flagstaff was a lumber and Ranching town, and the center of “Old” Flagstaff still feels like a movie set from a good Western.  Tourists flock to Flagstaff as it is an easy jumping off point for a visit to the Grand Canyon and literally a mile from great skiing at the Arizona Snowbowl.  Flagstaff absolutely enjoys its four seasons, and the winter is often very snowy.  Within an hour’s drive, however, the visitor can stop in Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon, watch the sun set over red rocks, and drop almost two thousand feet in the process.

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