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Montana State University – Bozeman, Montana

OMG!  The western third of Montana is breathtakingly beautiful. Both Missoula and Bozeman are heaven for skiers, campers, hikers, fishermen and rafters who swarm to the area to take full advantage of the vast outdoor experiences available.

Visitors to Bozeman can explore the surrounding mountains including Bridger, Gallatin and the Tobacco Root Range that provide some of the finest skiing in the West.  Bozeman is also the gateway to the Gallatin National Forest, Custer National Forest, and Yellowstone National Park, and is a curious feel of a modernized western town and comfortable college town.  Fly fisherman already know about Bozeman and appreciate the opportunity to shop at Simms Fishing Products.

1 comment for “Montana State University – Bozeman, Montana

  1. joe
    January 3, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    i’m a 58 year old parent with a good pedigree, for what it’s worth – duke, rutgers, GWU, but I’m a believer that most college degrees are worthless and most colleges are grossly overpriced. So I…uh…”suggested” to my kids that they look at good State schools. We’re from Maine; my oldest went to U. Mass -Amherst for a year. It’s sort of a politcally correct caricature. There were posters all over the place about date rape, drinking, tobacco, rape culture, Israeli apartheid….blah blah blah…but they actually teach you at the orientation how to smoke pot in your room. No tobacco at ALL on campus but a little weed…hey…the hypocrisy is lost on them. So on his own he transferred to U. Maine Orono, and loves it.
    My youngest son wasn’t big into the college thing but got into MSU at Bozeman. The more I heard about it the more impressed I was. It seems like it is probably on a par with most other good state universities, and i’m not even sure what that means. For an undergrad degree where you take what – 30 or so courses – how can you really determine if an MSU is in the same league as the other MSU – Michigan State, or Penn State….or NC State….you get the idea.
    But it seems like a real deal university to me; we especially thought the people were terrific, VERY easy to work with in admission, student life, etc, people at U Mass were just obnoxious (when they weren’t underinformed and undermotivated work study students….), the academics seem more than adequate and it looks like a great setting. So we were impressed when we moved him out there, it worked a lot better than moving him into U. Mass, much better run, and he loves it. And the more we mention it, especially to people out west and away from the “my darling is at Brown” east coast crowd, the more good things we hear.

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