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Miami University – Oxford, Ohio

From America’s Best Kept College Secrets –

“I don’t know why every college movie is not filmed at Miami; the buildings are uniformly “just right” – just the right blend of red brick and white column, just the right scale, set in just the right place, surrounded by just the right landscaping.  Paths cross in just the right ways at just the right angles so that this small university seems even more closely connected as a community than one might expect.

And, at the risk of waxing a bit too superficial, the students pretty much fit the bill as well.  I’m sure there are those who quibble that Miami’s students are entirely too good looking, or dressed too well, or too cheerful, or too optimistic; I can understand that visitors from other state universities might find it hard to believe that the general level of student approval of the place is distinctly palpable.  The stereotypical view of Miami has labeled the place, “J. Crew U,” and this is a well scrubbed and apple cheeked, eminently healthy student body on a beautiful and safe campus.

Miami’s students love their school, and with good reason.

There’s a reason Miami’s students didn’t end up in Columbus; they get what is essentially a private school experience for a public school price…”

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