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Lewis and Clark College – Portland, Oregon

From America’s Best Kept College Secrets

The stereotypical Lewis & Clark student is smart, independent, slightly on the “quirky” side, eminently kind, and happy, happy, happy with this beautiful college on a spectacular estate on the outskirts of Portland.  The phrase L&C kids like to use about themselves is “laid-back”, and when the phrase implies open-minded, inclusive, generous earnestness, it fits.  There is real diversity of types at Lewis & Clark, although flannel shirts and Birkenstocks continue to dominate, and real acceptance of every sort of student.  Occasionally misrepresented as a “hippie” or “Crunchy Granola” school, Lewis and Clark is one of only four colleges in the United States to have been honored with a Truman Foundation Honor Institution Award recognizing the college’s success in preparing its students for careers in public service.

Genuinely nice people encouraging other genuinely nice people find themselves on one of the most impressive college campuses anywhere…”

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