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Juniata College – Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

From America’s Best Kept College Secrets

“Juniata is another of the colleges that counselors adore and another college that is still under the radar on many college searches.  Juniata’s lack of flash, or, rather, its genuine modesty comes from a set of principles that are all about substance and conviction.

Don’t worry.  Juniata is a real college with real college kids who laugh and frolic as college kids are meant to do.  It’s not a frat house kind of school, and there is a seriousness of purpose about the place and its students, but the community is warm, inviting, and particularly rich in the traditions it celebrates…”

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1 comment for “Juniata College – Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

  1. Tom
    April 4, 2012 at 5:22 am

    I moved out to Vancouver after living here for four years working in the Biochem labs and earning my degree… I really miss JC. The air, the climate (at times unbearable then idyllic then cycling into ‘pleasant’ before a dive into winter), the town, and the dorms. The dorms, the people, those are what I miss most.

    Quite the place, quite contained, lots of freedom I haven’t found repeated at UBC (big, big campus up in Vancouver). You could walk into the music building whenever you pleased to practice at JC, waltz about the buildings after hours, and generally have the run of the campus.

    Also, get a room in Tussey/Terrace 3rd floor. You can get into the ceiling through the tiles and a bunked bed or some climbing up from the chest of drawers. Oh, and they’ve got the best bathrooms on campus by a country mile.

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