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Johnson and Wales University – Providence, Rhode Island

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Where can I find a college that prepares me for a career and puts me to work…now?

Well, that would be Johnson and Wales, on any of its four campuses.


Emeril Lagasse asked the same question, and turned down a scholarship to the New England Conservatory of Music in order to follow his dream of becoming a master chef. Lagasse choose Johnson and Wales University in Providence Rhode Island, and today supports the university through a variety of charity events. He’s not the only culinary superstar to have found his or her way to Providence. A short list might include: Chef Rahman “Rock” Harper, winner of Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Adrianne Calvo, author of Maximum Flavor, Chef Tyler Florence, host of Tyler’s Ultimate, Chef Michelle Bernstein, James Beard Award winner and co-host of Food Network’s Melting Pot, Chef Anna Olson, host of Fresh With Anna Olson, and Chef Jeremy Fox, partner of Ubuntu in Napa, California. Of course, an equally motivated student might have found Johnson and Wales in order to study Criminal Justice, or Fashion Design, or Advertising, or Robotics, or Software Engineering. What kind of place IS this Johnson and Wales? Johnson and Wales is an unusual institution in that it has transformed itself almost completely in the last two decades and remains in motion if not in transition. Begun as a business school in nineteen-fourteen, Johnson and Wales was a regional business university until it took three significant steps – it developed an outstanding program in Culinary Arts, it developed a major program in Hospitality, and it developed a string of satellite campuses, each of which offered particular advantages to students interested in business, culinary arts, or the hospitality industry.

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