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Green Mountain College – Poultney, VT

Wow! Talk about a transformation! A few decades ago, Green Mountain was a comfy two-year college for women, handsomely set in prototypically quaint Vermont village. Today, same village, still quaint, but GMC has become a vibrant, ambitious, well equipped, and distinctive opportunity for men and women who have an abiding interest in the environment AND the liberal arts. An emphasis on environmental issues and environmental studies is at the heart of the curriculum, but Green Mountain offers an uncommon range of academic and social options not found in most charming New England settings.

Poultney is a small town (in a state with pretty much only small towns) about twenty miles south of Rutland, Vermont’s third largest city (after Burlington and South Burlington) with a population approaching sixteen thousand. The town is charming, and one of the notable differences between GMC and the few equally dedicated to environmental education is a campus that looks more like Colonial Williamsburg than Vermont farm buildings. Handsome buildings, almost all of which are made of red brick and adorned with white columns are set on a well maintained and beautifully designed campus. Well-equipped classroom buildings, laboratories, and dormitories sit behind a formal entrance gate, and are arranged in quadrangles and open grassy space. At the edge of the campus, a stately white building houses the college’s guesthouse, the Two Editors Inn. Two of the most notable residents in the Nineteenth Century were George Jones, first editor of The New York Times, and Horace Greeley, editor of the New York Tribune. Both were active abolitionists and both were/are considered among the most influential men of their age. The college owns and maintains the Two Editors Inn on the edge of the campus, a facility used by the college to welcome college visitors (including applicant families) for a one-night stay for free. Unfortunately, this best deal ever is not available from June 1 to August 1; mid-summer visitors have to find other digs.


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