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Endicott College – Beverly, Massachusetts

Endicott was founded as a college for women in the 1930’s and has grown exponentially since its founding, now enrolling approximately two thousand, five-hundred undergrads (male and female) and another two thousand graduate students on its expansive campus. The college is impressively equipped in comparison with many of New England’s liberal arts counterparts, but the most distinguishing feature in assessing Endicott’s value as an option for those exploring colleges in the Northeast is its demonstrated commitment to experiential education and a vibrant program of internship placements.t

I know. I tend to rave about these “hidden gems”, waxing rhapsodic about colleges that most readers do not know well. Fair warning! Rave review about Endicott is coming your way.

In the first place, Endicott has beaches.

Notice, I did not say access to beaches; I said beaches. Beverly, Massachusetts is a seaside resort and residential community, and Endicott sits adjacent to three of Beverly”s sandiest and most pleasant beaches. These are bayside beaches, great for sunning and splashing, but not roaring with surf. The college has a number of excellent qualities and would be highly touted even if it happened not to enjoy this privileged setting.

Endicott has an historic, extremely handsome campus on what is known as Boston’s North Shore. Actually, in the circles of folks who know, Beverly and several of the beautifully situated towns that abut it sit on Boston’s “Gold Coast”. Rockport, Newbury Port, Gloucester, and Marblehead get most of the tourist traffic, offering picture postcard views of the rugged shoreline and of the fishing nets and lobster traps that are still in use in this seacoast economy. Beverly is more domestic; you won’t be able to see many of the grand houses, although the Cabot House and the Hale farmstead give some sense of the history of the town. You’ll notice the word “Hannah” on the emblem of city officials, signifying Beverly’s claim as the homeport of the US Navy’s first ship, the schooner Hannah, donated by the Glover family of Marblehead. Marblehead begs to differ. North Shore squabbling aside, Beverly has long attracted wealthy summer visitors, such as the fabulous philanthropist and artist, Isabella Gardiner, and the nation’s most substantial president, William Howard Taft. California’s Beverly Hills takes its name from settlers who longed to return to this seaside haven.

So, is the campus reflective of the stately charm of the region? Absolutely! Do some of the dorms actually overlook the Atlantic Ocean? Again, absolutely! Visiting Endicott feels like visiting a beautifully maintained estate.

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