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Emory & Henry College – Emory, Virginia

From America’s Best Kept College Secrets –

“I would have included Emory and Henry if only because it is the only college that insists on using the ampersand in its title (“&”) rather than the word, “and,” but Emory & Henry is so much more, one of the colleges profiled by Loren Pope in his Colleges That Change Lives, and one that continues to occupy a distinguished and unique place in the history of the commonwealth and in the ranks of liberal arts colleges.

E&H is small, currently enrolling about eight hundred students.  The ratio of students to faculty?  About ten to one.  That’s an incredible statistic and part of the reason for the uncommon success of E&H’s graduates and part of the reason the campus is so relentlessly happy.

The college is located in the village of Emory in the Virginia Highlands in the region known as Central Appalachia.  This is the southernmost and westernmost region in the commonwealth and one of the richest in terms of Appalachian culture.  The Tri-Cities of Johnson, Kingsport, and Bristol provide a mid-sized airport, and adjoining towns include the home of the Barter Theater and the Lincoln Theater.  The college is rooted in the history of the region -J.E.B. Stuart was a graduate and during the Civil War, the college was used as a hospital for troops of the Confederate states.  Equally strong is the college’s commitment to service in the region…”

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