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Drew University – Madison, New Jersey

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“Madison, New Jersey is an historic and picturesque town of about 16,000, frequently featured as backdrop or setting on television programs or in films, as is the university.  The Sopranos visited Drew on their college trip, and Alicia Keyes used the university in her video, “Teenage Love Affair.”   When The Daily Show did a “back-to-school” special, it filmed at Drew, and Friday Night Lights featured several of Drew’s dormitories in an episode about New York.

The Pocono Mountains and Jersey Shore are both within reach, and the college has long been recognized for its excellence in theater and the liberal arts.

And, for my money, students at Drew have the best nickname by far – “The Drewids.”  Their actual mascot name is “The Rangers,” but who could ignore a pack of rabid Drewids?”

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1 comment for “Drew University – Madison, New Jersey

  1. David Kessler
    June 22, 2016 at 4:04 am

    I would like to reiterate on my previous comment to this website. What I meant by decline has to do with the increasing acceptance rate of students at Drew. This number was very high in recent years, though it has lowered a bit this year. The quality of academics at Drew remains superb and world class. I graduated from Drew ten years ago, and I must say that my experience at Drew was life changing. The school was recently named a “hidden gem,” and that it certainly is. Drew is a phenomenal college that flies under the radar due to a few reasons. One, Drew has a D3 athletics program which does not bring much media attention to the school. Two, it lacks Greek Life (which is a good thing in my opinion). Three, it is truly an academic institution. Not much partying here. When I was a student at Drew, the focus was on academics and learning in preparation for graduate level education and lifelong intellectual pursuits. I was a transfer student to Drew from a much larger state university, and my educational experience was much better at Drew. Drew’s environment can best be described as resource rich. Students have easy access to faculty, their research, internships, hobbies, arts and opportunities to do more that just sit in a classroom and learn. This is rare for many colleges, even smaller colleges that are similar to Drew. Drew, like many other smaller liberal arts colleges, recently came out of a period of soul searching. There was an effort by the college to search for a way to stand out amongst the crowd of colleges that are competing for its students. Drew had a tough time doing this, but it was not because it lacked the resources or quality. It had to do with messaging, marketing and branding. From my time at Drew, I can say that Drew stands out among other similar institutions in a few very important ways. One, it is close to NYC, which offers many opportunities to its students for outside-the-classroom learning. Two, the professors at Drew place teaching front and center. This is rare for many colleges. Research at Drew is very important as well, but quality teaching and inspiring students to continue learning for life are hallmarks of a Drew education. Three, Drew is really good at taking students who might not know what they want to do with their future, occupationally, and placing them onto a path for a rewarding career. Four, Drew’s environment both academically and socially are not intimidating. It is a great place to explore and try out new things both academically and recreationally. Five, Drew’s community of students are very tolerant and accepting of others and it offers a remarkable number of clubs and activities which help to foster diversity on campus. Six, Drew wants to see their students succeed. The administration and faculty challenge students for sure, but they really want to see students become life-long learners. This is what Drew did for me. It turned me into a life-long learner. After graduating from Drew in 2005, the number of interests that I developed as a result of my Drew education grew exponentially. My craving for learning about all sorts of things is a direct byproduct of my Drew experience. Drew taught me how to appreciate learning and to always keep an open mind in life. This is what a liberal arts education is supposed to provide students. Drew does this exceptionally well.

    My recommendation to anyone who is interested in Drew:
    If you are a good student, who generally enjoys exploring new areas of study and has an interest in learning and living next door to New York City, then I would definitely look at Drew and submit your application. Even though Drew is not well known around the country, it has everything that the best liberal arts college have in this country.

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