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Coe College – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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“Coe is an academic school and its students study hard; they also have plans for the future.  A clear commitment to preparation for the world of work is reflected in the provisions of the Coe Plan.  The “Coe Plan” obviously assumes that college graduates may want to be employable – a delicious hypothesis. The Coe Plan offers students have the opportunity to learn from industry and academic professionals at such work sites as Walt Disney World, the State Department, and the Seattle Zoo. Students have the opportunity to follow their research to institutions and agencies in the Unites States and to laboratories in China, Germany, and the United Kingdom.  Coe is also affiliated with the Washington Term and the New York term, making well organized off-campus experiences  available to students in virtually any major…”

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  1. September 1, 2011 at 8:24 pm

    I would like to agree with this assessment. I’ll admit though, I’m very obviously biased. I have many great memories that I won’t soon forget of my time as a student of the Crimson and Gold. The word “experiences” sticks in my mind when I think of my time at Coe. Experiential learning is at the forefront of a students education inside and outside of the classroom at Coe. Intentionally or not, the administration of the institution have fostered an environment that allows students to learn for themselves. Student have a very high level of involvement on campus, which shows an eagerness for students to take charge and lead. This is hard for most students to challenge the status quo and step outside their comfort zone. Individuality is definitely encouraged at Coe with a diverse student population and very accepting atmosphere. It is hard to make an enemy on campus.

    I feel blessed to have gone to a school that helped me help myself with hands-on experiences outside of the classroom and abundant opportunities to get involved. Words out – Coe College is one of the best kept secrets.

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