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Clark University – Worcester, Massachusetts

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The campus is compact – primarily tucked into about two square blocks – easy to navigate and comfortable.  Clark Hall, the oldest building and the iconic landmark is an odd brick confection, slightly clunky but certainly central.  Many of the other buildings on campus are strikingly effective in their design.  The Bioscience Center is a remarkably attractive place to study stickleback fish and the life cycle of fungi.  Dining facilities and the Bistro are located in the well-appointed UC (University Center).  The Fitness Center is modern, well equipped, and well used; almost seventy percent of Clark’s students are involved with athletics at some level.

From my point of view, however, the greatest advantage the campus offers its students is a variety of well-maintained dormitories.  I’m not saying that dorms at other New England colleges are less than pristine, but I am frequently stunned at the condition of carpets, windows, doors, and walls in ivied halls at other institutions.  Clark takes excellent care of its residential students and spruces up each dormitory every year.

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