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Christopher Newport University – Newport News, Virginia

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 Christopher Newport University is impossibly gorgeous!

Oh, and it’s a fantastic bargain!

Oh, and students love it

Christopher Newport looks like a movie set; the individual buildings are truly impressive, the design of the entire campus is elegant and purposeful. Many of the largest buildings are red brick and neo-Georgian, as might be expected at a university patterned at the outset after the College of William and Mary, but the newly constructed (well, it’s all fairly newly constructed) Ferguson Center for the Arts was designed by Pei Cobb Freed and Partners, the firm directed by I.M. Pei, architects of the Kennedy Library, the Hancock Building, and, oh yeah, the expansion of the Louvre.

Imagine a university of about five thousand, dedicated to the teaching of undergraduates, offering modern and comfortable suite-style dormitory accommodations, remarkable facilities in every area of academic, residential, and athletic life, and one of the most strikingly handsome campuses in the nation. Christopher Newport may be a best kept secret today, but it is rising so quickly that this university will soon be among the most highly respected.

I’ll be describing many of the exceptional physical qualities of the university, but first, I hope to communicate something of the exceptional character of the student body and the warmth with which any visitor to this campus will be met. The phrase students use to describe their habitual and cheerful greeting of each other is “door-holding”, and they do hold doors and greet each other with pleasure as they cross this expansive campus. Some of the courtesy and good cheer arrives with the students, but some portion derives from the pride students take in their university and the gratitude they feel in attending CNU. The sense of appreciation and pride is palpable and extremely unusual in a public institution.

2 comments for “Christopher Newport University – Newport News, Virginia

  1. Laura Frey Horn
    October 12, 2014 at 6:02 pm

    Although I am an adjunct professor at UVA, I CANNOT say enough about Christopher Newport University. My son is a Sophomore at CNU and is happier than I/we ever expected. He entered CNU with enough college credits to be considered end of 1st year or 1/2 into 2nd year and plans to double major in Physics/Computer Engineering and minor in Math. Yet, he still holds interests in History and other Liberal Arts fields. CNU provides opportunities for him to hold onto these interests. He has yet to find anything about the school that he doesn’t love. And, as a once extremely shy guy, the size is perfect. He has become far more confident. In fact, in an environment where everyone greets everyone each day, we have watched him grow beyond the campus. He has always been kind, but now he exudes a confidence that has evolved from daily conversations with meeting new friends. CNU offers opportunities to grow academically, socially, and in every capacity. It is a terrific place for young adults to learn, grow and challenge themselves and each other. As an educator, I am pleased that it will continue to remain the size it is. It serves an important place in academia–a challenging education in a size that allows students to develop a healthy relationship with professors. As a parent, I love that it also provides the opportunity for students to grow socially as well. The healthy support students provide each other is so important at this level of development. It is an extraordinary school.

  2. Ray Linhart
    October 13, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    Great visit from Indy to there the place is very an friendly the open football was great lot of scoring an tailgating loved the friendly place

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