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Bennington College – Bennington, VT

Bennington is tiny (fewer than seven hundred students) and notably unconventional college with an international reputation in literature and the arts. Its program is distinctive and notably “experimental” (students adopt “The Plan” rather than take on a major/ each year includes a Field Term); its student body independent and creative. The town of Bennington is colonial quaint, the mountains are gorgeous, the campus is distinctive in the flavor of its architecture, and the dorms are FABULOUS. By any measure, Bennington is one of the most comfortable places to spend four years. The food is good, and the intensity of student relationships makes Bennington a one-of-a-kind opportunity for the student who seeks a true intellectual and artistic melieu.

If you have heard of Bennington, you may have heard of the number of highly regarded literary figures who have studied at Bennington and have used that experience as grist for their literary mill, or perhaps, have heard of the extraordinary place that Bennington holds in the   history of dance and dance education, or of the purposefully experimental character of the college in several decades, or of the whole scale release of members of the faculty who have sued the college. Actually, every one of those stories has something significant to add to an understanding of Bennington today.


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