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This recent piece appeared on the Forbes site… worth considering in the context of this book!!!

* CAUTION –  This piece, like some others, is informed by assessment of RateMyProfessors.Com, a site that allows students to enter comparative ratings of their profs.  Not a bad idea, BUT… some college populations use the ratings a lot; others don’t.  So, Lewis and Clark, for example, and others in Best Kept College Secrets, should probably be on this list, but L&C students just have other things to do with their time, apparently.  So, caveat emptor as always.

Have you ever wondered where the best professors are teaching?  The top professors aren’t necessarily working where you might assume, according to RateMyProfessors’ statistics compiled for Forbes Magazine’s annual college rankings. None of the Ivy league schools, for instance, crack the list of the top 25 schools with the best professors. Princeton came the closest at 57th best. According to the teacher quality rankings, Cornell fared the worst among the Ivies — it came in 445th out of 650 schools.  For the second year in a row, Oklahoma Wesleyan University earned bragging rights as the school with the best professors.

 When you look at the schools which shined in the professor rankings, the list is heavily represented by liberal arts colleges that are scattered across the country. This makes sense since liberal arts colleges, by their very nature, offer small class sizes, which greatly increases the interactions that professors have with their students.In addition, at liberal arts colleges, the professors’ top priority is to teach the undergraduates rather than focus on their own research. Only about 2% of college students, by the way, attend liberal arts colleges.

25 Colleges With the Best Professors

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

U.S. Air Force Academy (CO)

U.S. Military Academy (NY)

Marlboro College (VT)  One of America’s Best Kept Secrets!

Carleton College (MN)

Clarke University (IA)

North Greenville University (SC)

Wellesley College (MA)

Master’s College and Seminary (CA)

Whitworth University (WA)  One of America’s Best Kept Secrets!

Northwestern College (IA) (Not Northwestern University)

Emory and Henry College (VA)  One of America’s Best Kept Secrets!

Sarah Lawrence College (NY)

Pacific University (OR)

College of the Ozarks (MO)

Sewanee – University of the South (TN)  One of America’s Best Kept Secrets!

Wabash College (IN)  One of America’s Best Kept Secrets!

Wisconsin Lutheran College

Fisk University (TN)

Doane College (NE)

Bryn Mawr College (PA)

Hastings College (NE)

Whitman College (WA)

Wesleyan College (GA)

Middlebury College (VT)


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