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Colleges Dirty Little Secret – Tuition Discount Marketing

Let’s just get real about the college tuition scene: It’s bad and about to get worse.  Five intersecting parabola are about to make financial planning for college even tricker.  Coming soon to a demographic near you – 1.A significant drop in the number of college aged applicants. 2.  Think of your own utility bills.  Anything decreasing? – Fixed expenses at colleges…

Why Would A College Accept Application by Video? Future of College Admissions?

In a very interesting marketing/opening-up-access move, GOUCHER COLLEGE (currently profiled in America’s Best Kept College Secrets) has offered potential applicants an opportunity to simplify and personalize the application process.  A recent story on APM’s Marketplace quoted Goucher’s president, Jose Antonio Bowen: “There are tens of thousands of high school seniors each year that do not apply to any selective liberal…

Wait! Everyone Knows That College!

It suddenly struck me that there is a group of colleges profiled in America’s Best Kept College Secrets that are no secret at all to counselors and families in their region.  These are colleges that enroll from outside their own state but within a particular section of the country.     In the Northeast, for example, many families will at…

Ten Best Kept Tech Secrets!

MIT and Cal Tech get all the love, but ten of the programs described in America’s Best Kept College Secrets are among the best anywhere!  Here are examples of news reports from our top ten:     1.  CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY – A Case Western Reserve University engineer won a $1.7 million National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant to grow…

But I Love The Outdoors… Where Can I Go To College?

Almost every college supports some kind of outing club or outing program, and almost all make it reasonably easy to leave the campus and get into something like a wilderness setting.  There are some colleges, however, that are uncommonly well suited to the use of outdoor resources and some that have an uncommon determination to bring outdoor education into the curriculum. Here’s a selective list of the top ten in my view:

The University of Vermont 


Bowdoin College


University of Arkansas


Green Mountain College


The University of Colorado – Boulder.


Warren Wilson College – North Carolina


Davis and Elkins College – West Virginia

d and e

Middlebury College – Vermont 


 Simon Frazer – British Columbia, Canada


Montana State University 



Best Kept Secret Rivalries

Army / Navy Alabama / Auburn Michigan /  Ohio State Duke / UNC OK, we could add a dozen more famous rivalries, rivalries that make players rise to unexpected levels of heroism, that warm the hearts of graduates and bring out the battle of the mascots.  Amherst vs Williams, Stanford vs Cal, Texas vs Oklahoma, Yale vs Harvard. Notre Dame…

I’ve Never Heard of That College

OK, if you’ve heard of a college or university it is: a. A state university. b.  One of the most successful of the 119 colleges that play Division I Football or one of the most successful  345 colleges that play Division I Basketball. c.  A college or university in your state or region. d.  Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or Stanford.  MIT,…